Venetian Plastering (Polished Plaster)

Venetian1_cameo.jpgVenetian marble plaster, also known as Polished Plaster(ing) or marble plaster(ing), is a high end Italian plaster finish developed in Italy more than two thousand years ago. It is used today as a decorative stucco all over the world, with many new techniques and colours having been developed over the years. It is composed of aged lime, marble flour and decorative additives, allowing the plaster to be extremely breathable, making it ideal for wet rooms and exteriors, and the stucco can be polished to such a high shine it is astonishing.

Whether you prefer the patterned textured appeal or the highly polished marble effect, Venetian polished plaster is as versatile in style and appearance as your imagination and desire. The decoration is the plaster itself, being a plaster finish for your walls that needs absolutely no paint. Venetian plastering is completely bespoke, being unique to the the individual with no two pieces of work identical to any other.

Venetian plaster is an ideal compliment for bathroom and kitchen areas, being completely waterproof and incredibly durable. To a room it adds interest and turns walls into art. These individual and bespoke finishes go hand in hand with natural work surfaces such as granite, natural stone and solid marble as well as even bespoke bathroom marble sinks...The list of possibilities are endless.

We buy all our decorative plasters from, please visit for the complete colour range and styles of plaster available. Once you have chosen your required finish, we just need the wall measurements to provide a quotation.